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Love    about the book

The book is a collection of interviews I have made since January until August 2013. I talked with twenty different people about their first love. Their families and social background were different, they came from various places, even from different continents. What do they have in common? They are over 70 and each of them has lived his or her unique story. — To preserve anonymity I don‘t mention surnames and at the request of some people I have even changed their first names. All the rest in the book is authentic. —
At the beginning of the project I had one condition –
I wanted them to allow me to take a picture of objects with which they felt a special connection. I also made photos of various places or households, depending on what they preferred. Thus I wanted to describe their personality closer. — At first I wanted to interview just people from my close neighbourhood, from the street where I live. However when I started to interview the people and visit senior homes I found that it will be difficult to follow that plan. I talked to everybody willing to talk with me. Eventually it appeared to be the right decision. My husband comes from Toronto and so I decided to make some interviews also there. At the beginning I always asked the questions and told the people that they themselves can decide which of them they want to answer. Some of them answered exactly to my questions, others told their stories more freely…
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