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29 days- instalation. 29 drawings of the same object (chair) with dates. 29 days of waiting, drawn before my son was born.  2012

canopy- site specific installation. synthetic silk, iron construction, soap.

canopy is about vulnerability and fragility of childhood. 2011

romeo does not care, julia does not seem sad- photography 30x40 cm, 2012.photography built in layers, using photos from magazines- metaphor on todays relationships.


 to see NY as Berenice Abbott did- the group of objects, mixed media,variable dimensions. The work  uses fragments of old photos from Abbott  in order to recreate the city I was dreaming of visiting. 2011

national holiday- over one year i took photos of views from the windows of  our apartment .We lived with my family above a cafe during that time and there was always noise there from the street and guests visiting the place. So I created the ideal situation I was dreaming about, without people and any noise,  which was possible only during national holidays. video, three projections about 10 minutes long. 2012

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16.29 dní.jpg